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Test Prep Support


The Booker T. Washington Foundation for Excellence is enthusiastic about supporting students,

teachers, and families as they strive for academic excellence and success.  One of the Foundation’s goals is to support all students with college readiness and resources for success on high-stakes, standardized exams that open doors for them. 


As part of that ongoing effort, the Foundation provides Comprehensive SAT/PSAT/ACT Review

Courses–with preference to seniors and juniors–at no cost.  We believe a personalized, local approach to ACT/SAT prep, with the help of experts with a proven track record, will benefit BTW students.


The Foundation has coordinated with Megan Neely and Charlotte McGuire, who have over 28 years of combined experience in high-stakes test preparation, to offer a free four-week test prep course.  Their course is a combination of self-paced study, video presentation, and interactive instruction offered virtually to keep our students safe and to accommodate busy schedules. This course, typically costing $300 and available to BTW students, is under-written by the BTW Foundation for Excellence and costs BTW families nothing.


We are excited to partner with our BTW students in their quest for academic excellence.  All the Foundation asks is that participating students answer a few questions that will help the Foundation evaluate the Test Prep Program so it can grow alongside Booker T. and continue to meet the needs of students.  

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